Welcome to your child's first year at school. Our Foundation classrooms are located in the Early Learning Centre, where our teachers aim to consistently provide children with a stimulating environment in which they feel happy and secure. The development of independence, responsibility and co-operation is encouraged in all students and teachers cater for individual needs and all levels of progress to assure that students have an enjoyable first year at school.


Our literacy program focuses on reading, writing and spelling. We encourage a love of literature through shared reading and book discussions. The essential features of this program include daily sessions of reading, writing and spelling combined with regular monitoring and assessment of students.


Mathematics helps us to make sense of the world around us. It is more than 'sums' and learning numbers. It involves skills that we use throughout life. In Foundation we learn about numbers, shapes, measurement and probability. We teach a variety of strategies to develop problem solving skills and an understanding of Mathematical reasoning.


Our units of work link curriculum areas within a topic. Children learn through 'inquiry' where they are involved in recognising and defining problems, making observations, predictions and generalisations, organising information, drawing conclusions and developing a variety of other thinking skills.



Our topics include:

School and Me (History Unit)  - Topic Question: Who am I?

Alive and Amazing! (Plants and Animals - Science Unit) - Topic Question: Is it Living?

Fairy tales (Design and Technologies) - Topic Question: How do materials change?

The World Around Us (Geography unit) - Topic Question: Where do I belong within the world?


Students also take part in Physical Education classes, LOTE - French, Computer Lab, Library, Visual Arts and Performing Arts - where students participate in a Foundation performance. Foundation children also meet with the Level 5 students for specific activities during 'Buddy' time. This successful program develops close bonds between children at both ends of the school.


Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's school and education.  Opportunities exist to assist at school during reading activites, excursions and a variety of other activities such as cooking and the PMP program.

Parents are also encouraged to join our active Parents Association in planning special occasions for our students such as Hot Cross Bun and Icy pole Days, Mother's and Father's Day stalls and many other activties throughout the year.


We look forward to maintaining regular contact with you throughout the year and involving you in many aspects of our program.


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