Visual Arts

Children at Deepdene Primary School are actively involved in creating visual works by exploring and developing ideas while drawing upon play and imagination. Visual concepts of space, pattern, contrast and form are experienced while experimentation varies through different arts media. Children are also given the opportunity to invent and use images to communicate their ideas.

Children use basic elements of line, shape, colour and texture using various media and tools. They learn and know the primary colours of yellow, red and blue and make and mix new colours and shades. Children also solve basic construction problems while making flat and 3D models.

Students are given the opportunity to respond to visual works in a personal way by looking at and talking about their own work and the work of others. They are encouraged to describe sensory responses such as texture, mood, shape, colour, balance, contrast and proportions.

During art sessions, students have the opportunity to view and discuss the works of a variety of artists from past and from present times. They discuss art works using terminology with an understanding of setting, content, scale and media. Children will compare art works looking at colours, lines, forms and shapes in both traditional and contemporary styles.