Physical Education

Knowledge and skills in this area are developed through play, games, gymnastics, movement awareness and ball handling.

During these activities the emphasis is on skill acquisition and development, participation for all, the development of healthy attitudes and an enjoyment of physical activity.

Each child at Deepdene Primary School participates in a Physical Education session of 50 minutes per week and classroom teachers provide extra sport sessions.


From Level Foundation to 3, students take part in a swimming program at Kew Recreation Centre. All children in Level 3 to 6 participate in our House Athletic Day during Term Three, and the House Swimming Sports in Term Four. There is also a special Sports Day during Term Four for Foundation, Level 1 and 2 children, in which they participate in Tabloid Sports.


Level 5 students are involved in a Bike Education program which requires them to bring their own bike and helmet to school. This program requires assistance from parents to run successfully.

Students in Level 6 develop and refine their skills with the opportunity to participate in Interschool Sports on Fridays during Term 1 and 2. Level 5 also participate in Interschool Sports 'social' matches on Friday during Term 1 and 2, however the emphasis is more on learning the rules and introducing children to the games.


There is also a wide variety of ways for your child to become involved in other interest based activites such as soccer or basketball. Several teams practice in the school grounds after school and these teams are assisted by parent coaches. Tennis lessons are available at lunch times on the courts adjacent to our school grounds.