Level 5 and Level 6

Welcome to Level 5 and Level 6 at Deepdene Primary School.


As the student leaders of the school, Level 5 and Level 6 students are actively engaged in a large variety of programs.


The Level 5 and Level 6 teachers work together to plan comprehensive and engaging units of work.

  • Our Journey – Why do people migrate?
  • Government – How and why do we vote?
  • Economics – What does it mean to have enough?
  • The Restless Earth – How do natural disasters affect our planet?
  • Food and Fibre Production – How do primary industries produce our food and fibre?
  • Experimental Science – How can we plan and carry out a scientific experiment?
  • Government/Colonial Australia – How has Australia changes since colonisation?
  • Our World – How can we care for our school environment?
  • It’s Electrifying – How do electrical circuits work?

The Level 5 and Level 6 students are provided with the opportunity to be involved in multi-age group activities, including Maths, Science, Technology, Athletics and Fitness.


During Term 4, the Level 5 students are involved in a Bike Education program whilst the Level 6 students take part in an elective based “Club 6” program. These activities may include photography, cooking, dance, art and sport.


Level 5 students meet with the Foundation children for specific activities. This successful Buddies Program develops close bonds, encouraging leadership, cooperation, responsibility and friendship between the students. 


Level 6 students visit our capital city of Canberra. This tour is a highlight for the Level 6 students in their last year of primary school. Tours to the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, Parliament Education Centre, Institute of Sport and the High Court of Australia are included.

Level 5 camp takes place at the Summit Adventure Park. It is a multi-award winning venue located on 50 acres, just 90 minutes from Melbourne. They are industry experts in large group accommodation, camps and events, catering, activities and custom programs.


Every Friday during Terms 1 and 2, Level 5 and 6 students participate in Interschool Sports. Music lessons incorporate students playing instruments in classroom ensembles.

Level 5 and Level 6 is a wonderful time for the students to embrace leadership and responsibility.


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